Custom Individual (One-on-One) Language Instruction


you looking for one-on-one classes? You can create your own language learning schedule, focus on your specific learning goals, receive a tailored learning experience.  

To get started, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to our World Language instructor page by clicking the button below.  
  2. Teachers who offer custom classes have a booking link at the bottom of their bio. Click on the link.  
  3. Fill out a short online form to help us know about your language needs. 
  4. Book your classes!  

NOTE: If you would like to study a language not currently being offered, please fill out the form here.

FormatHours PurchasedRate/Person/HourTotal Rate/Hour
1:11-9 hours$65$65
1:110-19 hours$62.50$62.50
1:120+ hours$60$60
1:21-10 hours$42.50$85
1:211-20 hours$40$80
1:31-10 hours$35$105
1:311-20 hours$30$90