Due to COVID-19, all custom world language classes will be held online until further notice.

Custom Individual (One-on-One) Language Instruction

We are excited that you are interested in pursuing one-on-one custom world language instruction with one of TLC’s language instructors. You’ll be able to create your own language learning schedule, discuss specific learning goals with your instructor, and receive a tailored learning experience.

To get started, please visit our world language instructor page by clicking on the button below.

  • Each instructor’s biography provides information on their background, language(s), and teaching style.
  • All instructors who provide individual (one-on-one) language instruction have a link at the bottom of their biography. This Customized Language Instruction link will connect you to the instructor’s personal site at TLC’s 24/7 online booking system, where you can set up an account, pay class fees, and manage your custom class bookings.

NOTE: Through our online booking system we offer most, if not all, of the languages offered via our group classes. If you would like to study a language not currently being offered, please fill out the form here.

Single Session1 hour$50
Discounted Packages (for multiple sessions)10 hours$475
15 hours$710
20 hours$940
25 hours$1,175
30 hours$1,400
35 hours$1,650
40 hours$1,875
45 hours$2,100