Education Interpreter Training

Special Interpreter Webinar Coming Up July 30, 2022

graphic of a globe with school books beside it to symbolize education interpreterThe Tennessee Language Center is pleased to offer an education interpreter training webinar this summer.

Webinar title:

Understanding and Interpreting the Individualized Education Plan (IEP)


In this course, participants will gain a detailed understanding of what an IEP is and its role within Special Education. Participants will review each section of the IEP and in order to understand their purpose and importance within the IEP. Participants will learn vocabulary associated with IEPs, as well as the different types of IEPs, and the legal requirements regarding content, participants, assessments, goals, among others. Participants will also leave with a good idea of potential challenges related to interpreting for these types of meetings, and how to handle common situations that can arise during an IEP meeting between school staff and families.

Course Structure:

  • 3 hours of online classroom time via Zoom

Course Schedule:

  • 11 am – 2:15 p.m. CST
  • Saturday, July 30

Course Cost:

Tuition $90 (Discounted to $60 for TN, KY, and LA residents)

Interpreter Webinar CEUs:


Interpreter Webinar Refund Policy:

Students who withdraw before the day of the webinar: Full refund

Students who withdraw on the day of the webinar or afterwards: No refund.

Additional questions may be answered by contacting TLC at or 615-741-7579.