Conference Interpretation

a man standing in front of conference participantsIf you are hosting an international conference or a conference with participants who don’t speak English, the Tennessee Language Center can provide conference interpretation services and rent interpretation equipment so the conference attendees who speak other languages can listen to presentations in real time without disturbing the rest of the audience.

Conference interpretation is a specialized skill within the field of professional interpretation, requiring the use of simultaneous interpretation. Simultaneous interpretation is very taxing, which is why conference interpretation requires a team of interpreters for each language. Conference interpretation services are billed at an hourly rate, and equipment is rented on a daily basis. The Tennessee Language Center Interpretation Coordinators will work closely with interpreters and clients to ensure interpreters are familiar with industry terminology. It is always helpful to have access to presentation material in advance of the conference.

Contact us at or 615-741-7579 to discuss your conference needs.