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The TN Language Center Advantage

choosing TN Language Center for your needs

We hire the best teachers and we continue to train them.

At TN Language Center we understand that choosing to learn a language is an investment of time and money – those who come to a class make a choice not to spend this time meeting friends, exercising or relaxing. This creates a responsibility on our part: we have to make class time worthwhile for the students. They need to learn effectively and have a sense of their time and money being well spent. In order to achieve this, we have a very rigid hiring process, involving submission of a lesson plan and delivering a demo lesson. Moreover, we continue to train teachers, offer them feedback and assist them in class preparation on a regular basis.

Each course has a syllabus and each session has a clear, logical structure.

For each group course teachers submit a cover page/syllabus, and for each session they need to turn in a lesson plan ahead of time so that we can always track what is being taught in that class and make sure that teachers comply with TN Language Center teaching guidelines. At the end of the term students are assessed (without grades) to give them a sense of how much they have accomplished and what language points they need to revise.

For custom classes, teachers prepare a 10-hour plan: a customized syllabus for the individual/student group, which guarantees that goals are set for participants and each session covers a suitable amount of new content.

We control the quality of our classes.

Our group classes are observed to assess strengths and weaknesses of each instructor. Based on the observations, teachers are offered feedback and our training topics are based on observation results. We send out a survey each term asking students for their input about the course and we share our findings with teachers to give them opportunity to self-reflect and improve.

We have dedicated teachers and staff.

All of our teachers and staff, many of whom are native speakers themselves, love languages as much as you do. They want to help you succeed in meeting your language goals. We have administrative support, IT support and a great facility. In case of emergencies, snow days and other unexpected events, we have a plan B and a plan C. No other language training service provider in Tennessee can match us.

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