TFLI is the Tennessee Foreign Language Institute, an agency of the State of Tennessee created by the Tennessee General Assembly in 1986 with the purpose of

coordinating and providing foreign language skills needed by state government,
doing research into the most effective methods of foreign language instruction and disseminating that information,
and improving the language skills and teaching methods of foreign language instructors at all levels in the state’s schools, colleges and universities.

Our Mission

The Tennessee Foreign Language Institute (TFLI), dedicated to responsive public service, strives to facilitate intercultural communication through the provision of quality language instruction, translation and interpretation services, professional development for interpreters, translators and language instructors, and cultural awareness programs, which are designed to meet the needs of the state government and its employees, the business community, foreign language educators, and the public at large.

Our Vision

A world community enriched by linguistic and cultural diversity, unhindered in its efforts to create meaningful dialogues.


An overview of TFLI’s activities may be found in our latest portfolio (PDF will open in a new tab.)

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